Zirconite In Action


During the Zirconite Fabric Protection process each fibre is coated with an invisible resin based material. After treatment your fabric will be guaranteed against normal everyday spills and stains.


Due to environmental demands, car manufacturers now have to use water based paints. Whilst being environmentally safe, they are prone to fading and oxidization.

Zirconite NanoGlaze is made from PTFE and Acrylic polymers are formulated into a 2 stage process so that each product compliments the next and builds up to create a tough durable glaze.


A unique formulation ceramic coating with high heat and chemical resistance is ideal for keeping alloy wheels and brake callipers easier to clean and protected against the elements*

*ZQ5 Alloy Wheel coating is not offered by all our Accredited partners.  Please check with your representative for details.


A unique leather treatment which seals the hide but still allows it to breathe. Leather Shield protects against stains, dirt and liquid spills at the same time moisturising the leather to retain that supple natural look and feel. It is also an excellent cleaner removing even the most stubborn marks.*

*Leather protection not included with all application kits, please check with our Accredited partner for details.