The Zirconite Protection System offers a fully integrated solution to enhancing vehicle interior and exterior presentation, from rectification to protection. Zirconite delivers in one of the fastest growing automotive market sectors.

All our products are manufactured and supplied in complete accordance to industry  BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accredited standards (SGS) and are in full compliance with the latest Global Harmonised System (CLP EU Directives), REACH and fully supported by current Safety Data Sheets; ensuring safe usage, handling, storage and seamless transportation to all our customers.

Leather Shield

Professional Use Only

Revitalises all leather: cleans, nourishes and protects. Contains natural lanolin & waxes to revive faded colour, soften the surface & restore natural suppleness. Long lasting protective coating.

ZQ5 Quartz Alloy Wheel Coating

Professional Use Only

ZQ5 keeps rims cleaner for longer!
Extreme protection for hard working wheels.
Chemically bonds to wheel surfaces to ensure ultimate durability

Withstands high temperatures and harsh chemicals, making it an ideal solution for hard-working wheels.
Surface rheology provides excellent brake dust, stain and contaminant resistance, making surfaces much easier to clean and maintain.

Quick, simple and easy to use. 

1 x 15ml ZQ5 Quartz Nano Rim Coating
2 x Quartz Applicator Pads
1 x Pair Rubber Gloves
1 x Instruction leaflet

ZQ9h Quartz Nano Coating

Professional Use Only

Permanent bond quartz (glass) coating
Easy to use, high gloss, multi-surface protective sealant.
Advanced chemical & corrosion resistance: unaffected by repeated washing cycles from ph2 to ph13.5.

Durable: single coat additional layers can extend life and durability can also be top coated with ZC Boosta.
Forms permanent bond to all surfaces: coating can only be removed by abrasion.

Oxidation and UV resistant
Scratch resistant: pencil test hardness 9h.
Increases & protects gloss levels
Dramatic water repelling properties: minimises water spotting.

Super hydrophobic nano “lotus-leaf effect” ensures surfaces stay cleaner for longer, repelling dirt and soiling even in the harshest climates.

1 x ZQ9h Quartz Nano Coating
1 x Glass Pipette
1 x Zirconite Applicator Block

2 x Zirconite Suede Cloths
1 x Pair Rubber Gloves
1 x Instruction leaflet

ZC Boosta

Professional Use Only

Chemically fuses to ZIRCONITE Coatings.
Increases durability, longevity and hydrophobic properties.
UV and chemical resistant, protects and increases gloss levels to a new standard of excellence.

Ultimate hydrophobic scratch resistant coating.


Professional Use Only

Chemically fused ZIRCONITE PTFE Acrylic coating
High gloss finish with great longevity and hydrophobic properties.
Protects and increases gloss levels to a new standard of excellence.  Due to highly slick finish, ideal in Aviation and Marine environments.

Exceptional coating for both new and used vehicles


Professional And Consumer Use

Awesome spray and buff quick coating which cures in 10 minutes to leave a high gloss and super hydrophobic effect for 6 months. 300ml Flairosol

Fabric Protector

Professional Use Only

Invisible non-tacky micro-resin protection for interior carpets and fabric seats to maintain ‘as-new’ appearance. Treated interior surfaces repel dirt and grime to extend fabric and carpet life, allowing for quicker and easier cleaning and maintenance. Also available in larger 25L pack size, ideal for sealing and protection fabric cabriolet hoods.

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