Detailer Spotlight - Gee Enhance Lordswood

Dec 2020   \\ ZirconiteUK Accredited Detailers

ZirconiteUK caught up with Graeme from Gee Enhance to gain more insight into what makes him and his business successful.

Name: Greame Dunnell (G Man)

Time Detailing: 21 Years

Specialist Areas: Machine polishing/correction, Wet Sanding and Funeral Fleets

Dream Car: C63 AMG Black Edition

Favourite Sport: BTCC

What Is It About Your Business That Sets You Apart:

Long block detailing, 18 year funeral fleet experience and knowledge of the very technical paint. Customer  satisfaction is key, professionalism should always be at 110%

Insipirational Quote:

"All the time you live in the past, you cannot see the future"  Gee's Nan! 

You can contact Gee via his website


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